Nawaz-led party will emerge triumphant in every polls: Marriyum


Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to the media outside the parliament house here Saturday said that an attempt was made to oust the name of PML (N) from the elections but the Nawaz Sharif led party which enjoyed support of the people and blessings of Allah would invariably emerge triumphant in every election. She said that Nawaz Sharif would even win senate elections today.
The minister in a statement lambasted Imran Khan for not casting his vote in the senate elections saying that he was fond of giving examples about democracy in other countries, but did not turn up in the parliament to cast his vote in deference to democracy in his own country, which had exposed his double standards and political hypocrisy. She said that a person who did not have any respect for the sanctity of vote and parliament wanted to become prime minister through the same vote and legislature.
Marriyum said that on the one hand Imran hurled insults at the parliament and on the other hand was contesting elections to become part of the same august house. She asked as to how he was making his party members to contest elections when by not voting he had degraded the sanctity of his own vote? The Minister asked as to what message he was trying to convey to the people and voters through his hypocritical stance?
She said that Imran cursed the parliament but was striving to have his party men elected to it. However he considered it an insult to vote for his own party men which was very shameful, she added. The minister said that Imran’s staying away from voting was a link in the same chain of conspiracy when in 2014 an attempt was made to orchestrate the fall of the parliament through sit-in. The minister said that Imran should now wait for the decision of the people through their thumb impressions instead of finger of the umpire.

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