Nawaz: Judges fail to hold dictators liable


Nawaz rallies voters to change Pakistan
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Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday lambasted the former military dictators who ruled the country for most of its history and the Supreme Court judges who failed to hold them accountable for subverting the constitution.Earlier in the day, Nawaz Sharif’s convoy departed from Rawalpindi and entered the city of Jhelum in the evening passing through the towns of Gujar Khan, Sohawa, and Dina.Addressing the homegoing rally here, former prime minister rallied his support base in Jhelum and said he is not greedy for power but wanted to change Pakistan for the better and he was working towards bringing peace and prosperity to the country.  “I have not come here to ask you to make me prime minister again. I don’t want power. I am going to Lahore from Islamabad. I have self-respect.”The former premier also said it was the people’s mandate which brought him to power and he was ousted “in a minute”. “Now, five honourable judges, ousted a democratically elected prime minister with the stroke of a pen in a minute,” said Nawaz. He asked the people gathered to question the decision leading to his ouster.“There was no corruption, there was no wrong doing. You choose a prime minister by voting for him, but then a judge or a military dictator tears up your vote. This needs to change if Pakistan is to progress,” said Nawaz.  Addressing the mammoth rally, he said, it was the people of Pakistan whom the Constitution had empowered to elect or reject somebody.”But, deposing your elected representatives is disrespect to your mandate. Therefore, it is imperative for a strong Pakistan that people’s mandate should be respected.”  He said elected prime ministers were sent home on different types of charges but nobody questioned dictators who abrogated the Constitution and ruled the country for decades.“I served this nation, made Pakistan a nuclear power, constructed motorways and started CPEC but sent home though I had no charges of corruption. The nation questions what is my crime?” he said.Nawaz Sharif said when he visited Jhelum in 2013 during election campaign, the economy faced energy and financial crises and terrorism incidents had become a matter of routine.      He said he had promised with the people of Jhelum that he would work hard for putting the country back on path to development and fulfill his promise.      He said during past four years several power units were installed and to a great extent load shedding problem had been overcome and the country had started its journey towards prosperity.He said Karachi was burning in 2013 and situation was grim in Balochistan but the PML-N government restored peace in Karachi and engaged Balochistan parties to a coalition government to save the province from disaster.Nawaz Sharif said after coming to power in 2013, the PML-N government restarted construction of the network of motorways in all parts of the country. He said even in Panama case no charge of corruption, kick backs or siphoning of money from national exchequer was proved against him. “I have been sent home only for not drawing salary from my son’s company. I ask if I did not draw salary from his company, can it be called corruption.”      Focusing the youth, Nawaz Sharif said he could see spark in their eyes and as far as they stand firm, country’s future would be bright. “We shall have to collectively serve this country. People have been mocking and exploiting this nation for last 70 years. No prime minister since Pakistan’s inception could complete his tenure and this is an insult to the mandate of people. But, for your better future you will have to unite for a change. You elected me for Islamabad but I have been sent back home. I urge for your better future and need your support to achieve this goal,” he said.      He said his tenure in the government faced many challenges like Dharna-one, Dharna-two and Panama Papers but none of corruption charge could be proved against me.       The former prime minister said with his actions, an era of progress had started and the country was at a taking off position. “But, once again I have been dismissed. This is not the way of running the states. Whenever, we tried to steer it out from crises,we are sent home.”      He said the nation had a right to decide about their future and urged people to stand united for progress, peace and stability in the country and ensured that their mandate was respected as he sought their support for a strong Pakistan.Diverging briefly from his line of thought to talk about his opponents, their attempts to thwart his government, and the circumstance surrounding his ouster, Nawaz Sharif also asked the crowd: “Is there any law to tackle dictators in this country? They [the dictators] break the Constitution and the law and then the judges give them legitimacy. The judges tell them ‘you did well by sending Nawaz Sharif home’,” he alleged.“What will you answer to your God? What will you answer to this nation? The people want answers to all these questions,” Nawaz said.“The people will demand answers from all the dictators and the people who have not let this country run,” Nawaz said. “Tell me, will you hold them accountable?” he asked his followers. “Will you help take this country forward?”“We need to ensure that whoever you vote into power, only you have the power to kick them out.”“I have come to you to get this country back on track; to give the people’s mandate some respect. Will you be with me in changing the fate of this country?” he continued.“My agenda will soon be brought to you, and I want the people of Jhelum to be with Nawaz Sharif,” he concluded. Sharif, who had moved from Rawalpindi to Ayub Park earlier in the day with his convoy, had separated from the rally shortly after 2pm, picking up speed and proceeding to Jhelum along with a police escort.Earlier, while briefly addressing his supporters at Sohawa from his car, Nawaz had asked: “Do you accept the court’s decision? Did you not vote for me as your prime minister?”“I have come out onto the streets with a case against your disqualification,” he had told them. “There are no allegations of corruption against me,” he reiterated. “The honourable judges sent me home. Do you agree with their decision?” he asked.

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