Nawaz demands formation of commission on Asad Durani’s recent revelations


ISLAMABAD : Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has demanded the formation of a commission to investigate the latest revelations in the book of ex-DG ISI Asad Durani.

Talking to media outside accountability court, Nawaz Sharif said that a parliamentary session should be held on the issue. He promised to form commission on it and other issues like abolition of PML (N) government in Balochistan, Senate elections, etc. if his party comes to power.

About Parvez Musharraf, he said that cases against him will not be retracted, rather they will be pursued with full force.

He further said that he is the first one in history to have appeared in more than 70 hearings so far.

“Time for accountability has come, he said,” whoever is doing this to me, the nation is watching.”

He said he is fighting for fundamental rights of all Pakistanis apart from political ones.

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