Nawaz announces revolt against 70-year-old policies


BAHAWALPUR : Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Quaid for life Nawaz Sharif on Friday announced he revolts against 70-year-old policies.

Addressing a public meeting here he reiterated that he would not allow anyone to tamper the sanctity of vote and deplored that the ruling party wasn’t allowed to serve nation properly in the past four years. He added, “Pakistan can’t step forward until we don’t change course of the history”.

While apprising attendants about the traumatizing power cuts back then in 2013, Sharif stated that unhindered electricity is being supplied to industrial sector and for household purpose across country.

“We took country out of crisis and broke the backbone of terrorists. Apart from us (read PMLN), no other government laid down network of roads across country”, asserted Sharif.

Lambasting July-18 verdict (in Panama Papers case), Sharif stated that he was ousted merely on the basis on receiving salary from his son.

Sharif vowed to introduce motorway and metro bus projects for Bahawalpur if PMLN wins general polls 2018.

Imran Khan surrendered before Asif Zardari: Maryam

Maryam accused Khan of throwing his senators in feet of Asif Ali Zardari and warned those who were involved in tampering the sanctity of votes have to cry.

“[Imran Khan’s] animosity exists with Nawaz Sharif but a surrender has been made before Asif Ali Zardari”, Maryam taunted while adding, “Such plots will only strengthen Nawaz Sharif”.

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