Navy’s brief but skillful demonstration of its abilities

Salahuddin Haider
Pakistan Navy, which in recent times, have finally succeeded in getting recognition of its importance, put up a brief but skillful demonstration of its capabilities to be the custodian of country’s sea lanes, which is sensitive both in pace and war times. The demo of its counter-terrorism, aviation, and parachuting units, at the Sea View shores, right in the heart of Karachi, was just a was merely eye-blink of what it can do to protecting trade routes in peace times, and guard its sea frontier when emergency arises.
For almost two decades, this scribe, and some others like me, have been reminding the governments that only those powers, with powerful navies, have ruled the world, be it America, France, Britain, and to lesser extent Indonesia in the Indian ocean. These appeals, lucking were heeded in relevant quarters, and today Pakistan Navy, have atleast some importance, has been given money, which it utilizes with tremendous efficiency, and has succeeded in proving its worth, which is a good augury for the future, and safety of our motherland in case an evil eye is cast on its integrity.
The 90-minute showcasing of Navy’s abilities was witnessed by Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, who was later presented a crest of the Naval force by Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Shaukat Kaleem. A large number of enthusiast, braving the scorching sun overhead, had collected at a point which during evenings, holidays, or on festive occasions like the two Eids, serves as their focal point. But the navy commandoes, with their target shooting, anti-terrorism operations, protecting operational bases or shore establishments from possible terror attacks like the one witnessed in Mehran where sensitive PC-3 Orion surveillance aircraft was burnt to ashes some time back, and rescuing hostages from terrorists by quick response units were indeed impressive in their performance.
This was followed by a fly-past by sea-king, alloueette, and defender helicopters. Fokkers, and Pakistan maritime aircraft, tasked to rid the shores of drug and narcotic operations, the parachuting which is also now called as para jumping by Navy and Army parachuters from high in the skies, manouvreing and saluting the chief guests and others by dipping in air, and then soaring high in the far away skies , were some of the rare displays, evoking spontaneous applause from the big crowd
They included senior naval officers, including commander coasts, Rear Admiral Adnan Ali, who welcomed the guests, reminding those present that their Navy was fully alive to its obligations, and well equipped to protect them whenever the time arose. In fact a commentator repeatedly recalled how a small Pakistan Navy, despite limitations in 1965, had, through imagination and initiative, destroyed the radar at Dwarka Base near Bombay. The attack and demolition of the radar system there by Naval forces, working on intelligence from the solitary submarine then, known as Ghazi, had rendered the enemy air forces incapable of targeting Karachi.
That event of PN will be written in letters of gold in history books, for it was indeed a tremendous operation, and had wrested the initiative from enemy, to put the Pakistan air force in commanding position. The aviation wing of the Pakistan Navy, was stole the limelight, winning accolades from people keen to know more and more about their armed forces, guardians of their frontiers, including sea lanes. It was short but impressive show. Hats off to our Naval officers and sailors. They celebrated the Independence day to commemorate the 6th of September of 1865 when Indian launched attack on Pakistan but saw its waterloo.

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