National psyche

Truth bites but it is an unenviable fact that impurity, corruption, dishonesty and cheating scandals like other evils and ills have become our national psyche. You go any grocer’s shop, utility store, medical and drugs stores, dairy farm or shop, or any other place where edibles are sold and purchased, you fail to find anything what we call “pure” in this land of pure. You visit any public sector officer whether federal or provincial level, files never move without corruption, commission or bribe. You meet any person in authority or without authority in this land, honesty is not in his routine book. Cheating scandals are rampant but there is no one to rein in those who do wrongs with this nation. Like many others, I always raise this question at the appropriate forums: Is there any hope that this nation one day may realise its prevalent national psyche of impurity, corruption, dishonesty and cheating, which has become more or less everyone’s motto nowadays?

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