National obligation

One cannot help but endorse Punjab Finance Minister Dr Ayesha Ghaus Pasha when she says that the payment of taxes is a necessity for the development of a nation and is rightly considered as part of our national obligations.
According to media reports, she said that without taxes none of the completed or ongoing developments could have been undertaken at all, the provincial government is striving hard to build a society based on the principles of social and economic justice, as part of our ambitious growth and development agenda, the government is continuously investing in the socio-economic capital of the province and in doing so our aim is to attain a growth trajectory to bring about qualitative change in the life of the people especially the poor and marginalized ones. She quite rightly believes, as she went on to say, that if we are able to capitalize on our endowments with which we are richly blessed the objectives of balanced and inclusive growth will definitely be achieved.
The incumbent provincial government through its words and actions has quite explicitly demonstrated all the years it has been in power that every penny of public exchequer is spent on public welfare by way of provision of better health services, quality and comfortable transport facilities and infrastructure development.
We all should honour our national obligations sincerely and pay taxes honestly and build a prosperous, united and strong Pakistan. This is indeed yet another positive step forward in the right direction.

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