National narrative on extremism, terrorism launched



Fatwa endorsed by religious scholars term suicide attacks Haraam

Zahid Chaudhary


In an important development implying the entire nation is on the same page to confront the security challenges, the government Tuesday launched the first ever national narrative on extremism and terrorism.
A ceremony to this effect was held at Aiwan-e-Sadr and attended amongst others by religious scholars of all schools of thought, parliamentarians, educationists and other segments of the society.
Titled ‘Paigham Pakistan’, the document envisages Fatwa against militancy duly endorsed by religious scholars of all schools of thought.
Under the auspices of International Islamic University, the document has been prepared after consultations amongst different segments of the society including religious scholars, parliamentarians, intellectuals and policy makers.
The narrative declares armed struggle against the country, its government or armed forces illegal. The document acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the government to fully implement Islamic provisions of the constitution. However, taking up arms to achieve this purpose amounts to Fasaad fil Arz.
Quoting verses of holy Quran and Hadith, the document says suicide is unacceptable in Islam and a grave sin. Supporting such attacks has also been declared like supporting a collection of sins.
Rejecting terrorism and extremism in all its forms and manifestations, It says that those involved in activities against the government in the name of implementation of Shariah are in fact committing high treason against an Islamic state as per the Islamic injunctions. The document fully supports the anti terror operations against the terrorist elements.
Addressing the ceremony, President Mamnoon Hussain expressed the confidence that the national narrative will help address the challenges of sectarianism, terrorism and extremism.
He said the FATWA issued unanimously by the religious scholars of all thought is a step in the right direction to project soft and positive image of the country in the comity of nations. He said the narrative is in line with the injunctions of Islam which preaches peace, love and brotherhood.
Addressing the ceremony, Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal said Pakistan is fulfilling its commitments in the war on terror but it is also for the international community to fulfill its obligations by listening to the voices emanating from Burma, occupied Kashmir and Palestine.
He emphasized that peace and stability are imperative for the country to make it a economically strong and vibrant country.
In his remarks, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif expressed the confidence that the national narrative against militancy will prove to be a turning point for the country. He said this document proves that the civil and military leadership as well as other segments of the society are on the same page to rid the country of this menace. He was confident that the fruits of the narrative will be visible soon.
Speaking on the occasion, Leader of House in the Senate Raja Zafar ul Haq said we have to think about our country and future through the prism of emerging situation.
He emphasized the need for national solidarity to rectify inadequacies of the system. He said the message espoused by the narrative needs to be transmitted in far and wide through the media and translation of the document in different languages.
Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-F (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman had said that “all religious parties and scholars are with the state and Constitution for the welfare of people.
On the occasion, religious scholars described the unveiling of the narrative as ‘historic’. He said that scholars from all sects had deliberated over each word in the document for months before preparing a decree.
“We hope that the Paigham-i-Pakistan will help improve the present situation in the country and set a future course to lead the nation to a destination of peace and prosperity,” they added.

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