National morale boasting..!

Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

As you know very well, the last few days have been extremely traumatic for the nation, resulting in depressed economic and social activities. As such, the nation needs a tonic of high potency: a cricket entertainment dose, to uplift the dampened spirits of its citizens, not only in Lahore (just for a three hours match), but in all major cities of Pakistan. In this connection, there is a fervent debate going on in the country, on pros and cons of playing final match of PSL-2 in Lahore.
In this regard, in my humble opinion, if the match is played in Lahore without foreign players or ordinary low profile “D” grade foreign players, it will take the gloss out of the PSL league and subsequently de-value the tournament, giving a lot of satisfaction to the inimical forces, who don’t want the cricket to flourish once again in Pakistan. As such, if you approve, the PCB may be directed to hold the PSL final in Dubai, with genuine foreign players; and immediately after PSL final in Dubai, a six-match series (with or without foreign players) should be played in Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad, AJK (which has a good stadium) and Lahore; to raise the morale of nation, which is badly deprived of quality cricket and also suffering from the scourge of terrorism.
The format of the series should be planned in such a manner that for the Karachi match, the Karachi Kings should play with the final winner of PSL in Dubai. However, if Karachi is the final winner of PSL played in Dubai, it should play with the runners up of the final. The same pattern of format should be used for Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore matches, as well. For the match of the AJK, Dubai PSL final winner team should play with a combined team of rest of four franchises.
The above format is sure to be a big hit with the cricket lovers in each city and all over Pakistan by providing a chance of their life time to the local spectators to watch their favourite players in action after a long gap of eight years.

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