National consensus & KD

In all fairness to the rights of lower riparian province, Sindh, the construction of Kalabagh Dam (KD) would be a gross injustice to her. Technically speaking KD would be a great opportunity for Pakistan in terms of water storage. But who would address the apprehensions of Sindh regarding the construction of a Right Bank Canal that would carry water to Dera Ismail Khan?
Sindh fears that if such a canal would be constructed for irrigation purposes then it would be a repetition of history; as was done in 1985 when the CJ Link Canal was opened on the directions of then Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Khan under the pressure of then CM Punjab, Mian Nawaz Sharif. The opening of CJ Link Canal always remained issue of differences between Sindh and Punjab provinces, as former believes that flowing of water in the CJ Canal is unlawful and violation of 1991 water accord, which has also led scarcity of water in the province.
By the way CJ-Link Canal off takes from Chashma Barrage on its left bank and conveys water to River Jehlum to meet the requirement of the canals off-taking at Trimmu Headworks on river Jehlum near Jhang. Tarbela Dam was to store surplus flood water and Chashma-Jehlum and Taunsa-Panjnand link canals were to withdraw this surplus water for upper and lower South Punjab respectively, without in anyway interfering with the normal flow of the Indus.

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