National Assembly performance

IN his farewell interaction with Parliamentary Reporters Association, Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, shared facts, figures and details with newsmen about performance of the outgoing Assembly during the last five years. He took pride in saying that the Assembly passed the highest number of Bills (136) during its tenure including those moved by private members besides four Constitutional (Amendment) Bills and accomplished landmark achievements.
Both the Government and the Assembly witnessed turbulent periods in the last five years and at times it was felt as if dissolution of the lower house was a matter of days. Parliament House, PM House and PTV were attacked and threats were hurled to forcibly occupy the Parliament House but it is satisfying that at end of the day the parliamentary institutions withstood all crises and the Assembly is completing its mandated term. A significant achievement of the Assembly was ownership of the war against terror, giving necessary mandate and powers to the law enforcing agencies to take effective measures to deal with this threat. Though the threat is not totally over as terrorists are still able to strike targets of their choice and timing but it has been mitigated to a great extent and it is hoped that it would be taken to the logical conclusion in near future. It is also a fact that the opposition was not stifled despite overwhelming numerical edge that the ruling coalition had and this helped lower political tension.
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq also claimed credit for formation of Strategic Plan for establishment of Legislative Council, introduction of parliamentary studies programme in top universities of the country and conducting in house on job training of Secretariat staff. Pakistan Parliament was first in the world to have its fully functional Sustainable Development Goals Secretariat and also first to go green by shifting completely to the solar energy. However, there were some clear drawbacks that marred the overall image and prestige of Parliament including continuous lack of quorum despite warnings by the Speaker, lack of interest in the parliamentary proceedings by Cabinet members, lacklustre attitude of the former Prime Minister and some political leaders who hardly attended sessions of the House. It is hoped that with the passage of time, deficiencies would be covered and efforts would be made by each and every Member of Parliament to work hard, live by personal examples of discipline and sense of duty to bring glory and prestige to this august institution.

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