Nat-Geo Afghan girl to stay in Pakistan

Tariq Saeed

Peshawar—The fate of the Nat-Geo famous Afghan girl Sharbat Gula, who is in prison in Peshawar and was likely to leave for Afghanistan on coming Tuesday after she was awarded 15 days imprisonment on Friday by the special court that has also ordered her deportation, still hangs in balance as she is not likely to be deported as the provincial government has become active not to deport her.
The PTI chief Imran Khan is said to have asked the provincial government to facilitate her honourable stay in KP instead of deporting her to Afghanistan where she was to be received by the Afghan president on arrival.
Sharbat Gula was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency in Peshawar’s cantonment area on Oct 26 last for having a Pakistani Nationality through forged NIC.
On Friday the special anti-corruption and emigration court sentenced Sharbat Gula, 42, also called as Afghani Mona Lisa, to 15-day imprisonment with a fine of Rs110,000 in CNIC fraud case. The court also ordered to deport her to Afghanistan after the end of her sentence. The decision was announced by the court after Sharbat Gula pleaded guilty to the charges against her. She has already completed 12 days in confinement and her sentence will end on Monday.
Sharbat Gula was denied bail earlier this week after her recent arrest.
However, the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa government has decided not to deport the Nat-Geo famed girl from Pakistan. Former KP minister Shaukat Yousafzai confirmed on Saturday that she will remain on humanitarian grounds in the province until the decision about her fate by the provincial home department. “The KP government has decided to give her shelter in future,” Yousafzai said.
Consequently, KP’s home department, following the decision, has also stopped implementation of the decision to deport her.

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