NWA elders appeal to PM, COAS for justice

Nasib Shah Shinwari

Khyber Agency—The elders and residents of North Waziristan (NW) have asked the Prime Minister to stop the political administration officials for their biased rule in a property issue in Noorak area of Miran Shah. Talking daily Pakistan Observer on Thursday Malak Pir Aqal Shah, Malik Mashair Khan,Malak Sikandar Khan, Malak Gul Muhammad Khan and others of Mubarak Shahi and Peeran tribe of Miran Shah said that some persons were involved with the political administration and the FATA development authority to sell the property in Noorak region of Miran Shah to the government for the construction of industrial zone over the land.
The elders said the auction of the property for industrial zone was illegal as the elders and residents of Mubarak Shahi and Peeran tribe had the legal documents of their forefather’s property and they were the sole owners of the land.
The elders said that the said property was their own and they have the official documents of land and if it was taken from the tribes a new enmity and hostility would be started in the region. “The Pakistani security forces have restored peace and government writ in South Waziristan regions”.
The elders remarked adding that if the property was sold to the government, fight between the tribesmen would be started which would obviously harm the peaceful environment of the agency.
The political administration and FATA development authority officials were playing their biased rule in the aforesaid issue.

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