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NAP implementation

THE National Internal Security Committee (NISC) on Thursday decided upon the constitution of Expert Working Groups to ensure seamless coordination and implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) to counter terrorism. The Prime Minister, who chaired the meeting, told attendees that implementation of the NAP is the government’s foremost priority as it is reflective of the will of the nation, and a consensus document which was agreed upon by all political parties in the country.
The NAP was devised in 2014 after brutal attack on Army Public School in Peshawar and there has been progress on its 20 points with varying degrees of success. However, for the first time, it seems the Government and other stakeholders are on pages as to how to proceed ahead to ensure that the objectives declared in NAP are achieved expeditiously. Activities of some outfits were considered to be in direct conflict to the national security and now visible action has been taken to address the challenge. Pakistan has also carried out successful military operation against all sorts of groups and the threat of terrorism has been taken care of in a well-planned and sophisticated manner. Though there have been demands of doing more from some countries but Pakistan has to move ahead keeping in view its ground realities and interests. We cannot afford to cause disruption of law and order at the instance of others. One aspect that needs to be emphasized is that there has been lack of coordination among law enforcing agencies and terrorists and criminals have been taking advantage of this weakness of the state. We have been hearing about measures aimed at ensuring better coordination and liaison but somehow this objective remains an illusion as is highlighted after every incident of terrorism. There should also be greater focus on activities of foreign spy agencies as some of them have a known agenda of undermining peace, security and progress of Pakistan.