NAP execution in letter and in spirit

Under the chairmanship of Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the Corps Commanders in their meeting on Thursday discussed several security related issues and came out with resolve that reflects national ethos on crucial challenges confronting Pakistan. The forum held an in-depth review of operation Raddul Fasaad and concluded that its ultimate success hinges on expeditious implementation of other aspects of National Action Plan against Terrorism. Similarly, it expressed the resolve to foil designs of hostile intelligence agencies that are busy advancing their objectives by creating instability in the country.
Operation Raddul Fasaad is being carried out with full force and there are indications that it is producing desired results. However, as before, there is universal consensus that sustainable peace, security and stability would remain an elusive dream if all aspects of the NAP were not implemented in letter and in spirit. No doubt, it is not an issue of two and two make four; rather a complex and complicated situation requiring coordinated measures by Federal and Provincial Governments as well as armed forces and law enforcing agencies besides, constitutional, legal, administrative, religious and financial dimensions. NAP guidelines and details have to be worked out and implemented by all stakeholders. It is good that at long last government has moved towards addressing the issue of FATA reforms as the Federal Cabinet has approved these and implementation would begin as soon as legal and constitutional amendments are adopted by Parliament. We hope that parties like PPP would shun rhetoric and tendency of playing with the galleries and extend a helping hand in expeditious implementation of the scheme of things that has backing of the majority. It is also a foregone conclusion that despite successes of Raddul Fasaad at internal front, the security situation is unlikely to improve to a satisfactory level until and unless cross-border movement on Durand Line is checked effectively. In the face of non-cooperative attitude of Afghan Government, it is appreciable that Commanders have vowed to erect barbed wire on the western border as part of border control measures. Pakistan has been insisting on barbing of the border for over a decade but unfortunately the saner proposal found no positive response from the United States and Afghan Government. Now this should be done at all costs to ensure that there are no illegal movement or travelling without valid documents.

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