Naeemul Haq withdraws remarks against Gen Kayani

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Central information secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Naeemul Haq quickly withdrew his remarks against former army chief General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani, after his leader Imran Khan disowned his TV remarks, and looked unhappy with him.
Appearing in a TV show Monday night, Naeemul Haq had said that Kayani as army chief had, helped Nawaz Sharif win 2013 elections after America and Saudis had decided to side with PML (N) and wanted the party to be in power.
Imran and his colleagues meeting in Islamabad Tuesday, felt embarrassed and ordered Naeem to withdraw his words about Kayani, he had uttered on TV. Bowing to party sentiments Naeem apologised for what he had done, and said that he never wanted to rub anyone’s nose in dust. He had read about that somewhere, but was withdrawing his remarks with deep sense of apology. However, he clarified that his utterances were his own, and not the party policy.
Naeem spoke of a plan hatched by the then army chief, in league with America and Saudi Arabia to make sure that Nawaz was elected with majority. He had said that last elections were rightly ROs elections. Returning officers were subjected to pressure to announce fake results, whereas PTI had won 60 percent seats from all over Pakistan. However due to massive rigging by certain elements, their mandate was stolen.
He had also charged that “polls were stopped in middle of the night. ROs were pressured to follow the instructions.” He had insisted that he was challenging General Kayani to refute what he had said. However Imran and party office bearers settled things down before it could take an ugly turn.

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