Naeem Bokhari to lead PTI’s legal team

Panama case

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Islamabad—Days after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Hamid Khan disassociated himself from the ongoing Panama leaks hearing in the Supreme Court, party chief Imran Khan has picked Naeem Bokhari to lead the case.
“Naeem Bokhari will lead our lawyers’ team now as Hamid Khan left the case after sheer pressure from the media,” Imran told reporters at his residence, Bani Gala on Tuesday.
Other members of the legal ream include Babar Awan, Sikandar Momand and Malaika Bukhari.
A huge collection of classified documents leaked from Panama-based firm, Mossack Fonseca, in April this year, revealed prime minister’s three scions, among other world leaders, owned offshore companies in international tax havens.
“We have much evidence to decide our next ‘line of attack’,” Imran claimed.
Hamid had informed Imran about his decision on a phone call, saying after the ‘media trial’ it would be ‘impossible’ for him to being a part of the high-profile proceeding, a statement issued by the PTI’s central media department had confirmed.
Imran said after the prime minister presented in court a letter by the Qatar prince, in which he claimed that the London properties were proceeds of their real estate businesses, the case has become more controversial and PM’s position questionable.
“In his address to the nation broadcast on media and the speech in the National Assembly there was no mention of this Qatar’s prince. Now where did he come in from?” the PTI chief asked. “The situation of do or die is for the nation because it was not my money that was stolen but people’s wealth. That’s why I am fighting.” He let it be known that the purpose of his recent visit to London was not to find evidences; instead he went there to see his children.
PTI Chairman revealed that the ‘Motu gang’ came up with fabricated stories in the court hearing.
Imran Khan also expressed that our lawyers would bring forward all the things relevant to the case as we have also found so many evidences.
“I have always won bigger matches with comparatively smaller teams and will accomplish so once more for corruption will benefit the nation at the end,” professed Imran Khan.

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