NADRA in action!

Mohmand Agency

For the last seven or eight months, the Government of Pakistan decided to send Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. As some of Afghans got fake national identity cards of Pakistan which were/are provided by NADRA employees for a meagre amount of a few thousand rupees, NADRA also came into action and blocked a very large number of identity cards to mend mistakes it committed in the past. In the process, NADRA also blocked ID cards of a high number of Pakhtoons on the basis of doubt.
Majority of victims are from FATA and especially the people of Mohmand and Bajaur Agencies. This unethical action on the part of NADRA has created serious problems for all those whose Cards have been blocked. Everyone knows that keeping CNIC in pocket has become inevitable as it can be checked anytime by security personnel while on board a vehicle or crossing a security checkpoint, particularly in Cantonment areas. Besides going for Hajj, Umrah, sale purchase of properties or seeking loan from any bank, CNIC is MUST for preparation of documents like driving licence, children’s admission, employment, visit to any restricted building, obtaining visa, etc.
It is a matter of great concern and it is a gross injustice to the people of FATA. The people of FATA are already in a war-like situation and have suffered enormously on account of terrorism. This action of blocking ID cards is now an additional headache for them. Government should take immediate/meaningful steps for the issue to be solved as the people of FATA are as patriotic as any other Pakistani, in some cases more than them.

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