NADRA adopts agonising policy for Karachiites asking for proof of parents’ nationality

Irfan Aligi

Karachi—The national database and registration authority (NADRA) has adopted complex and agonising a policy of computerised national identity cards (CNIC) for the Karachiites under which the holders of CNICs seeking renewal or those seeking amendments in form B in record of NDARA have been compelled to wander here and there for many months.
The NADRA officials at 64 centres are in majority Sindhi speaking as almost 98 percent Urdu speaking officers have been removed from their positions. The NADRA is also not ready to correct those mistakes the employees had made while recording details of the genuine applicants.
For example, one employee of Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) Aftab Ahmed has been visiting the NDRA centre for past 3 years as the NADRA staffers had wrongly recorded the age of his 2-year son as 14 year old. On demand from NADRA officials, Ahmed has also submitted photographs of his entire family but still, the NADRA has failed to rectify the mistakes.
Almost 40 percent of Karachiites live in rented houses and on termination of rental agreement or under other situations; they keep shifting from one house to another, from one area to another. Such citizens living in rented houses are facing agony as the NADRA officials have refused to accept their applications and they are asked to submit their applications in areas they lived earlier on rented houses.
The eminent poet of Pakistan Gauhar Charjvi, who is a government employee of Income Tax department, is also bearing such agony as his son Muhammad Abbas Charjvi is looking to see his case settled.
He had applied for Smart Card (CNIC) with tracking ID No. 103381112737 at NADRA Gulshan-e Iqbal Centre three months ago but the NADRA officers have not yet uploaded his case and hence no progress as yet made.

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