NAB Ordinance versus Sindh Govt

As the National Accountability Bureau is tightening its screw across the country, the Sindh Government has raised its apprehensions and started making efforts to make this Ordinance unfit and revoke it forthwith. The Sindh government hurled allegations that it was crossing its set limits by holding politicians and bureaucrats unceremoniously. Amid trading barbs between the Sindh Government and the Federation, finally the former decided to remove the NAB Ordinance 1999 from law books.
On 3th July, Sindh Government passed a resolution to abolish NAB law in the province amidst uproar and outcry by opposition parties. However the Governor Sindh, Zubair Ahmed, did not sign it into law with some objections .However under article 143 and 147 NAB law could not be done away with. So, what remains to be seen is that now this act will again be debated in the Sindh Assembly.
Daharki, Reti

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