NAB arrests Member of NTS Consultants Hiring Committee

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rawalpindi on Thursday arrested an accused Tahir Maqbool Khakwani, Additional Director/Member, consultants hiring committee, Nation Testing Service (NTS).
As per details, some unscrupulous elements in top management of Nation Testing Service have been found involved in corruption and corrupt practices and were intentionally playing with future of candidates.
They were involved in maladministration and financial irregularities and caused loss of more than Rs. 158 millions to the organization.
The accused person in connivance with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NTS, Haroon Rashid recruited fake consultants through regional heads for misappropriating/embezzling huge chunks of amounts from NTS funds and used these amounts for personal gains/benefits.
The accused with his accomplices manipulated the payments of false claims of factitious consultancy through bank cheques and proceeds of these cheques were received in cash by the accused persons for their personal uses.
During course of the inquiry, it was revealed that the accused in connivance with his accomplices manipulated the payment of false claims through cheques issued in the name of false consultants.
After realization of proceeds of cheques, in account of the above said false consultants, the part of amount in question was received back by him in cash through respective regional heads.
He said NAB is making all-out efforts to recover looted money from swindlers.
NAB hopes that joint efforts of all stakeholders can collaborate to check corruption and corrupt practices before happening with help of all stakeholders.
NAB officers/officials under leadership of Chairman Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal are determined and committed to performing their national duty with absolute objectivity, thorough professionalism, and without any leanings for or against anybody.—APP

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