‘N’ in a state of indecision

In a welcome development, different political parties are trying to establish contact with one another for the formation of electoral alliances, which is indicative of focus on politics and democracy, which would go a long way in ending the present state of confusion and uncertainty. After MQM-PSP fiasco, an alliance led by former President Pervez Musharraf has been formed but some of the constituent parties have immediately distanced themselves from the new entity, exposing fragility of the alliance and the haste with which it was formed. There are also reports that Jamat-e-Islami is going to say goodbye to its alliance with PTI to concentrate more on MMA activities.
Of the three main political parties, PPP is also establishing contacts with winnables especially in Punjab and also feudal and influential families of the province to regain some of the lost ground in the province. PTI seems to be over optimistic as it seems to be in no mood to enter into any electoral alliance with any party and intends to go for a solo flight in view of the perceived popularity of the Party. In this backdrop, the ruling PML-N should have been aggressively involved in political activity but it appears to be in a state of utter indecision. Not to speak of talking to other political parties and retaining the support of the allies in the post dissolution of Assemblies phase, there are apprehensions of some desertions from the Party. A highly negative message is beaming out to all directions as the party is not in a position even to maintain quorum of the National Assembly where it enjoys absolute majority and the Speaker had to prorogue the last session fearing adoption of opposition sponsored resolution barring a disqualified person from heading a political party. All this is because, PML-N has no clear policy or strategy to deal with the emerging situation and it is not even acting efficiently in defence. The governments in power always enjoy upper hand in political manoeuvring but PML-N is in a state of deep slumber, which is going to hurt it profusely in the political arena. We have been emphasizing in these columns that PML-N should concentrate on governance and also take initiatives to satisfy its members as well as allies. Time is running out and the ruling party will have to review its policy at the soonest if it really wants to remain relevant in present-day politics.

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