Mysterious cycle of life

Kuddus Mian, Ex-night guard of our office. He was a very honest sincere worker and so extremely popular also. But I used to possess an extreme antipathy towards him because humility was not his trait. He used to speak in an extremely loud and rough tone which used to irritate me extremely.
In the meantime lot of waters have flowed down the Ganges. One fine day I suddenly realised that Kuddus Mian has turned extremely humble and dignified! And thereafter my antipathy towards him had started to ebb from my heart. Perhaps such feeling was mutual, so probably for the first time he nodded at me one fine evening. And instantaneously my face broke into a spontaneous smile. Thereafter this exchange of nod and smile turned into a ritual. He was almost illiterate. So he started approaching me to write various applications which I used to do with much relish.
Farewell of Kuddus Mian. We handed over gifts to him from the deepest core of our hearts. He accepted it with utmost pain in his eyes. Thereafter he started shaking hands with all. As he approached me, my body caught him in a warm embrace instinctively. Simply didn’t I know when Kuddus Mian had metamorphosed into Kuddus-da in my soul! As I was about to leave office, he raised his hand to bid me final goodbye and in response to it, my both hands folded unconsciously to offer him a Namashkar for surely the first time and most probably the last time!
I was wondering about this mysterious cycle of life! Who could have imagined the magical transformation of our relationship from such bitterness to sheer divinity! I only wish Kuddus-da a very peaceful life by offering heartfelt thanks for uplifting my personality for better also along with him!
Kolkata, India

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