My dog and the stray..!

A few years ago, two dogs were part of my life. a female Alsation, who lived with me, inside my house and a stray who parked himself outside. The stray was allowed to come inside through the day. He walked in, in the morning, strolled around the house, ate his heart out, looked for me, gave me a couple of hearty licks and then lay himself down on my sitting room carpet and had a nap.
After an hour or two, he hears barking outside and rushes out to join his gang who bully some poor pup who has strayed outside its territory and then with the same gang raids every garbage dump and dust bin in the vicinity; this after he has had tasty meal at my place!
My other dog used to look out through the window and sees getting involved in dog fights, flirting with every female dog on the road and doing whatever he chooses to do. My German shepherd isn’t allowed to step outside my house. She looks out and in her eyes, off time I see her envy the stray for the freedom it seems to enjoy.
But at nightfall, my German shepherd is inside the house when the doors are locked for the night and the stray sleeps outside. There are nights when I hear the stray barking, I open the door to see what has frightened the fellow and realize that most anything does: Once even a toad jumping from corner to corner in the landing got the fellow totally rattled. I hear it scratching the door when the deafening monsoon thunder petrifies its eardrums. I peep through keyhole and watch it look hopefully at my closed door where inside my German shepherd sleeps and snores in oblivion.
Nothing bothers my dog inside. Thunder may shatter the peace of the night and terrifying streaks of lightening enter the sitting room where she sleeps, but she sleeps secure. She sleeps inside the door, and inside for her is her master; me. As long as I am inside she feels safe and secure; whatever be the sounds and smells outside. She is never ever afraid, for which she pays a price.
Obedience. Unlike the stray she cannot wander down to dustbin and garbage. Unlike the stray she cannot romp and run around with the canines downstairs. Unlike the stray she cannot bite whom she wants to. To stay with me within the safety of the door, she obeys my rules.
As I used to see both these dog friends of mine every day, and watch the two situations they were in, I think today how alike our lives are too. A God above loves us so dearly he allows us to be friends with him. He doesn’t distance Himself when we walk and talk with Him, but when we choose to also follow the way of the world and not obey His rules then in no way can we claim the security of being safe inside with Him. Till then like me, He removes our ticks and feeds us hoping we’ll stay. The choice is mine..!

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