Mutilating language skills

Abeera Ghufran

As we all know language is the expression of ideas, and if the people of one country cannot preserve an identity of ideas they cannot retain an identity of language (Noah Webster).One of the reasons may be that Pakistan’s own identity crises have always been closely tied to issues of linguistic identity. Unsurprisingly, many regional languages in Pakistan are also dying a slow and silent death.
Here I am going to put some light on our media reporters who make use of some sort of preventable emotions which are not appropriate for the news, which create despicable crash on different societies about us. Media is destroying the language of young generations, particularly in Karachi. Literacy rate is decreasing day by day, as the population is increasing. Knowledge and communication skills are missing in our generation. Personality can’t be attractive if language is abhorable. Social media is also destroying language. The students use Roman English in text messaging which destroys their writing skills, spellings and language.

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