Mustafa Kamal exposes Altaf’s RAW link


Decries hapless state of Karachi, Muhajir youth; Launches unnamed party

Irfan Aligi

Karachi—The political temperature in Pakistan, especially Karachi, has suddenly escalated owing to the return of two former key office-bearers of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
One is Syed Mustafa Kamal, former City Nazim and member of MQM Coordination Committee, and also held the office of a Senator. The other is former Deputy Convener Anis Qaimkhani, who was known for controlling the organisational matters of the MQM in Karachi.
Both former MQM leaders returned to Karachi after spending several years in self-exile in Dubai. On Thursday they gave an exigent press conference to the representatives of the print and electronic media at their joint residence at Khayaban-e Sahar, phase-VI of DHA.
The two leaders spoke harshly against the MQM founder and leader Altaf Hussain declaring him an ‘agent of Indian spy agency, the Research and Analysis Wing – or RAW’. They also freely commented on Hussain’s drinking habits.
They unleashed a pack of allegations, though not new, against the MQM founder and announced to found their new political party.
According to details, Kamal and Qaimkhani had, prior to their return to Karachi from Dubai, managed to rent a house in DHA, the most expensive and posh residential area where they gave the press conference. Their focus was on Muhajirs and Karachi.
In his introductory remarks, the former city Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal alleged that Altaf Hussain was an agent of Indian spy agency, RAW where he gets funding from.
In support of his allegation, he claimed that the Scotland Yard Police had recovered ‘tons’ of evidences from the residence of Hussain and interviewed him for three days.
The other MQM leaders in London, Muhammad Anwar and Tariq Mir had given their written confessional statement to Scotland Yard for associating with RAW.
The former city Nazim also claimed that Pakistan’s establishment had been familiar with this MQM-RAW links and that the former federal interior minister Abdul Rehman Malik of Pakistan People’s Party, had been facilitating MQM and assisting the party to the extent of writing press releases for Pakistani media.
He spoke for the safety and amnesty of the target killers such as Ajmal Pahari saying they were not born as killers but the MQM founder Hussain made them so.
He said the Urdu-speaking community was once on top of loyalty for the country but today they are being turned into ‘international terrorists’, they were once highly educated, but now illiterate.
He claimed his return to Pakistan and his initiatives are to be of service to the Muhajir youth. The Muhajirs were patriots, he said, but today they are being declared traitor and agents of RAW.
He said they had parted ways from the MQM while others were kicked out.
It was the call of his conscious, he said, and the fear of God that he decided to challenge the MQM.
But in the early days he was afraid of severe reaction from the MQM and feared for his and his family’s life even while abroad. He said he could not tolerate MQM for its ‘anti-Pakistan agenda’.
Explaining the reason for his return to Karachi after a long pause, he said, was to make the Muhajirs aware of the vicious agenda of the MQM chief.
He alleged that the Altaf Hussain’s perpetual hangover condition does not permit him to take sane decisions.
The MQM under the leadership of Hussain failed to serve the people and its voters. It had become MQM’s habit to joint coalitions and part ways with ruling parties.
Karachi today has lost its charm after being turned into ruins by MQM.
He alleged Altaf Hussain was responsible for the genocide of Muhajirs and claimed that he does not care for any Muhajir. He is using MQM to safeguard his personal interests and funds laundered to him from Karachi. Hussain has properties in different countries, he alleged.
While addressing the military establishment, former city Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal asked them to consider Muhajirs as patriotic citizens as the people from Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtukhwa. The people of Pakistan should stop hating Muhajirs because of the follies of just one individual, Altaf Hussain.
Later, Kamal announced the formation of a new political party and showed the national flag as his party flag. He said the name of the party would be decided soon.
When asked, he rejected the notion that he was doing all this at the behest of the Establishment. To a question, Qaimkhani said though the media carried reports about his involvement in heinous crimes and portrayed him as a wanted criminal there was no FIR registered against him and in case there is any, he would face trial.
When asked why the law enforcement agencies did not arrest him on arrival even though he had been named in heinous crimes as per media reports and that antiterrorism court had also issued non-bailable warrant for his arrest, he said, he is no hooligan but was the deputy convener of the coordination committee of the MQM. While concluding the press conference, Kamal advised Altaf Hussain to beg forgiveness of Allah and prayed for him to follow the right path.

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