Mustafa Kamal demands powers for mayor


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Pak Sarzameen Party chief Mustafa Kamal seems on a crusade to secure the rights for the Karachiits, and as a first steps repeated his demand that city Mayor Waseenm Akhtar be given financial and all other powers to which he is entitled under Article 140 of the Constitution.
Addressing a press conference, he came back hard on chief minister Murad Ali Shah, chiding him for his words that issue of power and authority was not important. Mayor should work with him to help build the Karachi.
What kind of logic was that? He asked, and then himself replied that I asked a reverse question to the chief minister. “You say what is there in powers. I put it to you that how would you respond if the prime minister seizes your authority and your power? Would you sit back quietly or would you feel irritated?”
The question of authority has been a major problem for Peoples Party, while keen on securing autonomy for provinces, and even got 18th amendment passed for the Constitution to restore some semblance of provincial autonomy for federating units, it is determined not to part with its own authority which actually should be vested in Mayor and KMC.
Mustafa Kamal, who himself was a former Mayor, emphasized that Water Board, Health and Sanitation, primary education, and civic utilisied should be under Mayor. Only then he can deliver and prove himself worth of the trust voters have reposed in him during municipal elections last years (under supreme court orders).
He said he was out to secure the rights for the citizens and would continue to crusade for it. Mayor is the city father, and must be vested with authority to deliver what is expected of him. Denying him that authority will tantamounting cheating the citizens of the mega city.
Experts said that to meet that demand, provincial government will have to amend the local government law which had deprived the Mayor of his due authority, and vested those powers in the hands of the chief minister, and the local government minister of the province.
“We will not accept this and we demand that powers to serve the city of Karachi and Hyderabad, should be restored to Mayor. That is absolutely essential and is a just demand.
He also called for transparent from government pressure or influence, because he thought that there was every chance that unfair census will be done to change the population ratio of Karachi, which will be unacceptable
Kamal was happy that 64 new people including from PTI, PML(N), PPP, Haqiq, ANP had joined him Sunday. Already some 300 sector and units incharges ofMQM Pakistan had come to hi party’s fold. It will, God willing show great results and will meet tremendous success at the bar of public opinion.

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