Mustafa charges Altaf, Ishrat of selling own community


Salahuddin Haider


In direct indictment, Pak Sarzameen Party Chief Mustafa Kamal charged his former leader Altaf Hussain, and ex-Gorvernor Ishratul Ebad of selling their community for personal gains, but promised to build a united and prosperous Pakistan which will be free from sectarian or ethnic tensions.
Launching the party’s premier branch, called Business Forum at a luncheon here Sunday, he felt ashamed the way Altaf and Ebad indulged in loot and plunder, and had put their own Urdu-speaking supporters for sale.
If one held to office for 14 long years, the other got his own people killed, shed crocodile tears, but actually felt happy in the heart of his heart for burying their supporters and backers deep in the dust. Instead of realizing the sin they had committed, they instead celebrated their dead and built castles over their bodies.
Nothing could be a greater sin than that, he remarked during nearly an hour-long speech before an audience of business and traders at a jam-packed marquee,filled to the brim on Share Faisal.
Those prominent among his audience were the noted stock dealer and banker Arif Habib, former senator and eminent businessman Haseeb Khan, President of the Employers Federation Majyd Aziz, former president of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Saeed Shafiq, long-time vice president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Khalid Tawab, elite Adnan Asad, who has a load of businesses in Pakistan and America, and who keeps flying his personal jet to ta[1]ke care of assets in the two countries, prominent travel and tour leader Yahya Polani, and S J Qureshi.
Kamal, first to rebel from amongst the MQM key functionaries and condemn Altaf on return from exile in Dubai along with another senior party leader Anis QaimKhani, revealed that Both Hussain and Ebad were involved in loot and plunder, first one for more than 30 years, and second for 14 record-breaking years in the seat of Governorship of Sindh.
His own philosophy and that of his colleagues, who liberated themselves from the yoke of an archaic, moth-eaten organisation to join hands with him, was simple and very easy to understand. Him and his colleagues had a mission before them to lift the country from morass, help its economy grow in real sense, but more than that, first to re-unite the broken hearts. Masses, attracted by Altaf slogan of salvation for Muhajirs, voted him for nine times, keeping in power for over 30 years, while Ebad was actually ‘rishwatul Ebad’ and had filled personal coffers, rather than building academic institutions, universities, parks and playgrounds to ensure a healthier and brighter future for the younger generation of his own community.
Since such a sordid state of affairs, called for extraordinary labour, courage, for re-uniting fragmented people on the basis of religious interpretations, castes, and ethnicity, was not easy.
But he and his colleagues has started to achieve that goal without wasting any more time. God Almighty has been kind to him and his team and an organisation within a short span of one year, had registered remarkable progress. They have formed a 47-member committee for Karachi Division. Similar committees have also been there now for 6 Karachi districts, Hyderabad, and other Sindh cities, union and town committees. The buck did not stop here. Their network had been operating in 36 districts of the Punjab, in remote areas of the North, in the mountainous areas, and had stretched far beyond the country’s borders to America, Australia, Europe etc;
‘Our priority is not to seek power. Our foremost task is to create unity and harmony among people speaking different languages, belonging to different sects, hailing from different areas to feel like one nation, and rise like one-man in times of need. That is our priority. Power is secondary for us’
Kamal said that he would hate to be a ‘king’ without first uplifting the face of the country, and its people, starving, struck with squalor, hunger, poverty, and unemployment, wasting energies in fighting for religious or ethnic supremacy. The crown that I will wear by being a ‘king’ will be cause of permanent anguish and discomfort for him.
’I would rather be the ‘happiest man ‘ if I achieve that goal even to a satisfactory level, and lose the elections’, he said and added that ‘ what will I do to sit over dead bodies of my beloved countrymen.’
‘Yes’, he continued, that ‘ If God in his Infinite Mercy and Graciousness granted me electoral success (to be in power) blessing me side by side with powers to achieve my fundamental role of uniting and ensuring a prosperous Pakistan, I will bow before Him but even then I will not be a king, and wear no crown. I just want to be ordinary person, and be with my countrymen to share their problems.
He said he had taken one year to announce this Business Forum, only because lot of grounds had to be covered. He could now seek their guidance in uplifting the economy and also remind the government that doing business was not its job. Private businesses must be promoted with incentives and relaxations so that job situation could improve automatically. Kamal ended his speech by suggesting that Census, being done after 19 years, must be handled with due diligence, honesty and commitment to the country. No political pressure must be accepted, neither should it be allowed to occur. Census has to be very, very accurate, and flawless.

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