Muslim lynching in India

EVER since Modi has assumed office, one has seen Indian descending into primeval bloodletting with Muslims and Dalits being the main target of violence. The more regrettable part was that different segments of the Indian society were tight-lipped on these despicable incidents. However, this prolonged spell of silence broke on Wednesday when liberal intellectuals, worried teachers, and members of practically every ethnic group and religious community gathered in thousands in different cities including New Delhi to protest against a state-watched culture of catching Muslims and Dalits and lynching them over beef eating or transporting of cattle.
Since last September, dozens of violent incidents have happened against Muslims and Dalits and Modi Junta’s collusion and patronage of these acts is apparent from the fact that instead of taking action against the culprits, it turned its back to the matter. Under Modi, the extremist Hindus have really reared their true face but it is surprising and lamentable that that the country which itself is involved in unleashing terror on its own people as well as in Kashmir and the neighbouring countries, is being declared a key partner against terrorism by some influential western countries. The same we saw during Modi’s visit to the US. We fail to understand as to how the terror will be checked when the terrorists themselves are being hugged by powerful capitals such as Washington. We have no doubt in saying that monster of terror will continue to haunt our region, if the US did not shun its double standards on the matter. Also on the issue of maltreatment being meted out to Muslims in India, responsibility lies with the Islamic countries to give a loud and lucid message to the extremist government while rising above their economic interests. We also expect that saner elements in India will continue to pour out their support to Muslims and also impress upon their government for protection of their rights.

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