Muslim envoys’ meeting to discuss blasphemy on social media: Nisar

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The Minister for Interior, Ch Nisar Ali khan has said that he has called a meeting of ambassadors from Muslim countries to discuss and tackle the issue of blasphemous content posted on social media.
“I have called a meeting on Friday and have invited ambassadors of Muslim countries so we can tackle this very important issue of blasphemy as a united ummah,” Nisar said.
The interior minister added that if the issue was tackled in a united manner by all Muslim countries, it would carry more weight.
“The companies providing social media services will also get a clear message if we take a united stand on the issue,” he said. Explaining the purpose of the proposed meeting, the interior minister said he will share information with the envoys which was shared with the ministry by the apex court and ask the envoys to inform their respective countries of the agenda put forth.
“Pakistan’s point of view is that we chart a united course of action for respect towards revered religious personalities,” said Nisar, adding that the Organisation of Islamic Countries will also be used for the same purpose.
The Minister said that social media isn’t more important than ‘my religion and my faith’. He said that if social media persists on the same path, ‘especially the international social media, we’ll have to take the strictest action’.
Nisar said that he wouldn’t care about any threats on the subject.
“If they say they’d do something if I do this or that thing, it’s pointless. Stop speculating and stop warning me. I haven’t yet made it clear what kind of action I’ll take and it’s useless to make threats without knowing what we’re going to do”, he said. Facebook has agreed to send its delegation for discussing the subject with us and I have already cleared that I won’t relent”, he said.
“All hell breaks in the west when someone talks about holocaust but they wouldn’t do anything about the blasphemous content regarding Muslims’ holy personalities”, he said.
The interior minister, reiterating the importance and seriousness of the issue, said Pakistan will not hestitate to take extreme measures to resolve the blasphemy issue. “We will not be reluctant to take any measures for resolving this issue and will proactively pursue it. It is our request that everyone cooperates with us as this is a very sensitive and important issue,” said Nisar.
“Nothing can be greater than our religion to us,” he said. “If social media platforms do not cooperate with us despite all our efforts, then we will take the strictest of measures against such platforms in the country,” the interior minister added.

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