Musharraf in Dubai

Observer Report

Dubai—Former president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf arrived in Dubai from Karachi early Friday morning for receiving medical treatment for the health issues he has been going through during the past weeks.
After the plane landed at Dubai airport, Pervez Musharraf came out and climbed down through airstair without getting any support. Four vehicles came to the tarmac and Pervez Musharraf boarded one of those and left.
The supporters of All Pakistan Muslim League who had turned up at the airport with garlands and flowers to welcome their leader had to leave without catching a glimpse of Pervez Musharraf.
Earlier, Pervez Musharraf successfully evaded media attention and boarded a private airline’s flight EK 611 which took off a few minutes late from its scheduled time of 3:55 am. Wearing a green T-shirt, Musharraf appeared normal as ever. Earlier, the media vans that waited outside Pervez Musharraf’s residence could not capture the footage of his convoy, as the former president believed to have left his place much before the flight time.
Again at the airport Pervez Musharraf successfully avoided the media by making his way from Shaheen gate which is normally used by a certain kind of staff. Musharraf did not use the entrance meant for the passengers.

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