Muscle power and Imran Khan..!

Even as physiotherapists advise us to strengthen some unheard muscle or other, there’s one particular muscle they or the medical fraternity don’t talk about, that’s the ‘bouncing back’ muscle. It was just the other day I visited a close friend having heard his wife had left him and his business had collapsed. He lay sprawled on his sofa, a bottle of liquor next to him. “Its bad luck Bob,” he said his voice full of self-pity. I tried to shake him out of his despair but gave up when I realized he didn’t have the inclination or will to get on his feet again. He’d met with success so easily in everything he did, been backed to the hilt by family money, that he’d never developed any ‘bouncing back’ muscle!
The strange fact about this muscle is it gets strengthened with every failure you undergo:
Here’s the story of a man who failed in business at twenty-one, was defeated in a legislative race at the age of twenty-two, failed again at business at the age of twenty-four, overcame the death of a sweetheart at the age of twenty-six, had a nervous breakdown at the age of twenty-seven, lost a congressional race at the age of thirty-four, lost a senatorial race at the age of forty-five, failed in an effort to become Vice-President at the age of forty-seven, lost another senatorial race at the age of forty-nine, but bounced back and was elected President of the United States of America at the age of fifty-two!
His name: Abraham Lincoln.
Only someone who had learnt to bounce back again and again was able to stand by the power of his convictions and finally abolish slavery.
And now we’ve just heard of Imran Khan! What a victory! He was nine when he decided he wanted to be a cricketer! Was dropped after being selected for his first test, for three years. Was bowled out in the first ball in his second test and was booed as he walked back. “But,” says Imran, “God teaches you through failure!” For over twenty years he’s tried to make an impact on Pakistan politics and being written of as a light weight non-entity, till now, using his well-honed bouncing back muscle he’s got the most coveted leadership post in Pakistan!
I won’t forget that evening with my friend easily: even telling him that when starting my own business, I’d knocked on hundreds of doors too, of being thrown out by watchmen, yet plodding on, but he smiled and said, my stars were good to have finally succeeded.
What about you? Do you wallow in self-pity like him when failure strikes? Or do you look at those moments as wonderful opportunities to get rid of flab and build muscle power through the ‘bouncing back’ muscle? Do so like Lincoln did and Imran has just done!
Bounce back..!

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