Murder most foul…!

EXAM results are out; there’s joy, disappointment, and sadly; unnecessary death! In the hall of a college a student stood: a small figure in front of the school notice board. With anxious eyes she searched for her number. It wasn’t there. The girls around her jostled and pushed.
There were screams of delight and shrieks of ecstasy as they saw their marks. She turned away from the sounds; tears streaming down her face. Far away she heard same laughter turning into jeers. Suddenly she felt imaginary eyes on her back and voices saying. “She’s dumb you know, she failed.” “She was never any good.” “Remember in class, she sat with that stupid look.” She turned and walked the stairs to her now empty class. In silence and in her imagination she heard her teacher’s voice. “Why don’t you do your homework like the others, you’ll fail if you go on like this.”
How was she to tell the teacher, she hadn’t understood a thing the day before to do her work at home. She heard her teacher say: “Stand outside the class will you, let the whole school know what an idiot you are!” She stood outside and watched juniors smirk and laugh as they walked past. The teacher called her in after awhile. There were sniggers from the other girls as she sat on her bench. “Dumb,” they all seemed to say.
“She’s just a plain idiot!”.There were no tears to wash away the heaviness in her heart. Now, she sat on her bench in the empty classroom, and her thoughts went home as a shiver ran down her spine. She saw her father tall, menacing standing in front of her. “You better pass okay, we don’t want the neighbours laughing at us do we?”
An uncle had sniggered. “She’s got her brains from her mother’s side!” “Oh no!” shouted her mother, “It’s her own idiotic mind!” “I don’t care where you’ve got your brains from,” her father guffawed, “But if you fail I will throw you out!” “At least pass, so we can marry you off!” her mother had piped in.
Her imagination heard voices, laughter, shouting, sniggering in the empty silent classroom: Voices chasing each other round and round her mind; laughter, cruel and brutal, sniggers, sharp and merciless, echoed louder and louder in her head, till suddenly she felt herself shudder involuntarily. “Stupid!” they cried. “Idiot!” they yelled. “Failure!” they shouted. Like a zombie she climbed the steps of the school to the terrace, one by one, the tears no more there. She walked as though pushed by some invisible force.
She smiled as she heard their taunts and jeers grow less and less. She smiled as she calmly climbed up onto the parapet wall. She heard the screaming of her classmates below as she joyously threw herself down.
“Why did she do it?” cried her classmates, her teacher, her father and her mother. Suicide was what the police report said, but it was murder most foul..! Murdered by people who should have learned to stand by her instead of making fun of her! Murdered by those who should have learned to give her support! Parents! Don’t be a murderer, support your children..!
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