Murder case convicts awarded imprisonment


Faisal Khawer Butt


The Additional District and Sessions Judge Natasha Naseem Sipra on Thursday has awarded life imprisonment to a juvenile murder convict namely, Asif Nawaz while issuing verdict of a murder case. The worthy judge has also ordered the convict to pay Rs 200000 as compensation to the legal heirs of the murdered person, failing which he would be imprisoned for extra six months.
They worthy judge has awarded three years rigorous imprisonment each to two co-accused named, Muhammad Nawaz and Ilyas and also ordered them to pay Rs 194059 each as ‘diyat’ to the injured persons. The judge has acquitted three co-accused namely, Rabnawaz, Bagh Ali and Tanveer by giving them the benefit of the doubt. According to the prosecution, the accused persons had clubbed to death on Jamil.

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