Murder of 20-year old boy; Father appeals CJP for justice

Allah Ditta father of a 20-year old boy Irfan Ullah who was allegedly murdered in the area of Naseerabad Police Station Rawalpindi on Wednesday filed an application before the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) seeking suo moto notice on the killing of his son. Allah Ditta a grade IV government employee in his application alleged
“I have been deprived of the right to get the murderer of his son prosecuted”, he alleged.
Police by shaking hands with the real culprits, is not going to answer the question of the blood of my 20 years old son. “I am unable to prove the guilt of the persons who are commonly known to everybody in the area. Money has procured everybody who is legally and morally compelled to support him,” he added.
He pleaded that he and his family members are yet in the severe threat of the family members of the real guilty persons. He prayed that the matter of the murder of his son may kindly be noticed to help him from the prosecution of the murder of his son, in the interest of justice.—APP

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