Murad’s rational move

SINDH Government, on Friday, decided that the directives to close the wedding halls by 10 p.m. and markets and shops by 7 pm would become effective from 1st of November. Announcing this, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said the move is aimed at improving daily life and rationalizing the business hours.
Similar decisions were taken by successive Federal and Punjab Governments aimed at saving energy and that too during peak consumption hours but unfortunately these have always been opposed by the business community. Chairman Traders’ Alliance of Karachi Attiq Mir was quick to reject the decision threatening to resist it vehemently on the ground that people do shopping late in the evening. This attitude is regrettable and needs to be resisted instead. Shops and markets close down in most of the country early in the evening and this is done also in countries where there is no energy crisis. In Australia, shops close at 5.00 pm and the reason being advanced is that culturally Australians view family as very important and believe family deserves time. This is also true of our country where family life is given much importance and everyone including those doing business ought to spend some hours with their family members. There is no substance in the argument that people tend to shop during night as customers would adapt to opening and closing time if it is universally enforced and implemented. Closure of markets early in the evening would also help prevent many social evils and street crimes. We hope better sense would prevail and traders would accept new timings with open mind in their own interest and that of the society and the country.

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