Murad sets up special desk to deal with ‘sexual abuse’ against children

Special Correspondent


Keeping in view the inhuman Kasur incident, the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali has ordered to set up a ‘Separate Desk’ at CM House Complaint Cell to entertain complaints of crime against children, particularly what he termed as `sexual terrorism against children.’
He said that our society is degenerating. The Islamic values and the values of humanity such as love & care for children and respect for elders are fading away which is quite painful. “The Kasur incident is a big question mark on the face of our society,” he said.
The chief minister ordered setting up of a separate desk in the Complaint Cell of the CM House where complaints of crime against children would be entertained. The phone number of the cell are 021-99202080-1, 99207394, 99207568.
He has directed the complaint cell duty officer(s) to forward such complaint to the concerned police station and also send him on his WhatsApp number so that prompt, coordinate and strict action could be taken.
“I have given clear instructions to the police to deal such cases as terrorism cases,” he said.
The Chief Minister through chief secretary has also directed education department to educate children about sexual assaults and such other crimes. “I believe it is sexual terrorism against children and such criminals would be booked accordingly,” he said.
He also directed the chief secretary to invite recommendations from the experts and civil society to include separate chapters on ‘sexual terrorism against children’ in the textbooks.
“This is a serious issue and we all, parents, teachers and civil society have to control it with our collective efforts,” he said, adding, it is our prime duty to protect our children.
He said the society, particularly the parent should also be educated for protection of their children.
“I am quite worried after this incident and I need support and guidance to educate the society against this kind of terrorism,” he concluded.

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