Multi-grade teaching for dropouts, out-of-school-children stressed

Accelerated learning programme to help overage students to catch up with time lost: Razina

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While emphasizing the need of master trainers for multigrade teaching, Chairperson NCHD former Senator Razina Alam Khan, has said that the National Training Institute (NTI) is one of the major initiatives taken by the government to improve and enhance the literacy situation and to achieve the targets of Vision 2025 and SGD4 within the stipulated time period. She was addressing the participants of the Training of Trainers Workshop for Community Feeder Schools.
“We are aimed to reduce the number of out of school children as well by increasing the number of non-formal schools and launching massive campaign against illiteracy. This Training Institute is the first of its kind and will cater for the training needs of literacy personnel at all levels including all the major components of multi grade teaching techniques in non-formal education system”, she informed. “This NTI will also work for material development and Research & Development component related to Adult Literacy and Non-formal Education program”, she informed.
Addressing the participants of the workshop, who had come from all four provinces, AJK, GB & FATA she said that there is a need to create expertise and awareness on the significance of multigrade teaching for out of school children and dropouts. In developing countries like Pakistan, this technique is very useful and cost effective as it can address the issues of scarcity of teachers /facilitators in the schools, she added. On the other hand by introducing Accelerated Learning Programs in Non- formal Schools will support the learners to acquire the learning land marks in minimum time period, she informed.
While briefing the trainees she said that it becomes difficult for over age children who have missed out their early years of schooling to adjust in the conventional classroom environment; Accelerated Learning Program provides them a convenient second opportunity to catch up with the time lost, she viewed.
Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training in collaboration with JICA has launched curriculum for Accelerated Learning Programs, and NCHD Material Development Team at NTI is busy in revising and redesigning primers according to the needs of Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), she informed. This program offers complete primary education equivalent to 5th grade to out of school children in short period of 32 months, she said. This program is for the children who have missed their school going age due to poor socio-economic factors, poverty, poor results, physical or mental challenges, she added.
Learning through accelerated courses is the only way today to cater for 22.6 million Out of School Children and 57 million illiterates; which is a challenging factor for all the stakeholders involved in education and policy makers, she observed. The Accelerated Learning modules and condensed syllabus would provide OOSC a second chance/ opportunity to take part in educational activities, she viewed.
She said that as per Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) report it is encouraging to note the decrease in Out of School Children from 24 million to 22.6 million and adjusted net enrollment rate from 72% to 77% during the last three years alongwith increase of students in the public sector schools, she added.

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