Multan road widening stalled

The Punjab government started widening Multan road into eight lanes with much fanfare. The project known as Hudiara Drain Project is about 10km long. At places some construction work started by constructing the rainwater drain on the roadside. But the pace of the construction work is too slow to guess when the public will see its completion. On this stretch of the road, every government office is located. Whenever some minister has to appear before the NAB, antenna-installed vehicles of the TV channels block one side of the Multan road. As a result commuter on this route daily face long delay due to traffic jams.
When the contract has been awarded and work already begun on the project, why the NHA follows a go-slow policy? Will the Chief Minister Punjab kindly look into the matter that is of utmost importance because hundreds of commuters travel on this road daily. I request the CM to visit the site personally to expedite the matter. Congestion on the road results in loss of valuable time and business.

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