Mullah Haibatullah not designated terrorist: US

Washington—The United States says that Taliban’s new leader Mullah Haibatullah is not a designated terrorist.
About rejection of peace talks by Taliban, The State Department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner said the US hopes that the new leader would seize the opportunity in front of him to choose peace and to work towards a negotiated solution.
US hopes that he makes that choice now.
When questioned if Mullah Haibatullah would be the next target of US drone attacks he refused to predict.
Mark Toner refused to acknowledge that the United States no longer trusted Pakistan as an ally, but minced no words in conveying US concerns on the alleged presence of certain ‘terrorist’ groups in the country. He said the United States has been “very clear-eyed” in its interactions with Pakistan on the activities of militant groups based inside the country.
“We have been very clear-eyed and very clear in our interaction with Pakistan where we’ve believed that they need to do more to root out terrorists, who find safe haven on some of their territory, and we’re going to continue to do that,” he said. “I’ll leave it there,” he added.
A journalist pointed out that the United States did not warn Pakistan before targeting Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in the Pakistani territory, which indicated an obvious lack of trust. “I think what I said just now holds, which is that operational security trumps a need to inform other governments,” said Mr Toner.—INP

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