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Zaheer Bhatti

Iran threatening to attack terrorists operating against its territory from inside Pakistan unless Pakistan itself acts to take out their safe havens and cleanse its territory of the menace, and warning Saudi Arabia of imminent disaster for the kingdom if it ventured into any misadventure against Iran, this is the first taste of the pudding baked in the shape of the so-called Islamic Force ostensibly set up to fight terrorism against Islamic countries. Pakistan, in first becoming part of the questionable Force eclipsing the good reputation of its former Army Chief in allowing him to head it without clearing its modus operandi and terms of reference without taking Iran on board has accentuated the distrust and acrimony which has plagued Iranian-Saudi relations since long, which is now also being allowed to eat into Pak-Iran ties. One wonders if Raheel Shareef will ever be able to make Iran and other Shia countries join the conglomerate and bridge the ever-widening gap between the two leading Islamic countries bent upon spelling doom for the Ummah due to disunity.
Things have already begun to happen which corroborate fears that the Saudi move to form the alliance is in fact the handiwork of imperial forces aimed at drawing further wedge among the Islamic world, because if it were with a view to credibly beefing up the Islamic Ummah the only way forward would have been under the flagship of the OIC and not one country. In this very context, with the Pakistani Premier readily accepting to attend a so-called Islamic Summit being held in Riyadh concurrent to a US-Arab Summit, might one ask whether the Pakistan Government was informed of the agenda of the Islamic moot and backing of the OIC, and secondly, what Modi had to do with the Islamic or the US-Arab summit and Trump’s relevance to the Islamic Summit; the US being Islam’s Achilles heels. It is puerile exuberance on the part of the Pakistani Prime Minister to consider it an opportunity to meet the American President, because going by the selective nature of participation and knowing that Iran would not be part of this exercise, Pakistan would end up further vitiating the atmosphere in its neighbourhood.
Pakistan’s bankrupt diplomacy is further obviated by the fact that even ungrateful Afghanistan whose one-third of population has been provided for and hosted by Pakistan ever since the Soviet invasion for decades which it still continues, has had the cheek to fire at Pakistani civilians and attempted to sneak into its territory, while its leadership has rebuked the visiting Pakistani Parliamentary delegation mindlessly acting under Indian tutelage which is eating into the Afghan fabric itself. And even though the Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah confirms TTP presence in Afghanistan he refuses to acknowledge that it was being aided and abetted by Indian RAW in concert with Afghan NDS and that it was thus allowing its territory to be used by India, Fazlullah’s TTP and now Daesh against Pakistan.
Haplessness of the Afghan Chief Executive was glaringly evident when while admitting that half of Afghanistan was still not in Government control, he expected Pakistan to force the Afghan Taliban who he categorizes as its enemies to come to the negotiating table. Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP’s) former spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan who has since turned himself in to Pakistani authorities while confirming the Indo-Afghan nexus has made not so startling revelations. Knowing that the apparent approver has in the past himself been a diehard rebel acknowledging treacherous attacks across Pakistan by TTP and its splinter groups, one is certain that the authorities will grill him thoroughly to rule out any trickery by the outlawed mercenaries.
It is in common knowledge that Afghanistan was being used by India to further its hegemonic designs in the region, but the gullible Pakistani Prime Minister through Mahmood Khan Achakzai another serpent in his closet, opts to invite Hamid Karzai to act as a mediator between Pakistan and Afghanistan; a person who during his 13-year long puppet rule in Afghanistan not only continued unabated foul-mouthing against Pakistan, but until recently was running a cell in Kabul’s Ruling Secretariat working for India against Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban; so is his so-called back channel diplomacy with his Indian friend Jindal whose tweets against Pakistan are documented; all this happening without taking the Defenders of the State on board.
If Karzai’s credentials as a bottomless rank opportunist having been brought up in Pakistan and turning against it as a US puppet did not bear enough testimony, I quote for the PM’s appetite, an extract from a foreign affairs piece carried by the National Herald Tribune on Monday 17 October 2016 about the rogue; “Foreign observers of Afghanistan tend to think of former President Hamid Karzai’s Government as a clan of corrupt thugs led by a feckless, petulant whiner…. By 2009, five years before Karzai stepped down, the Government in Kabul and Washington were headed for an ugly separation……….. Karzai’s unforgivable crime was ingratitude. As American troops were dying to protect his life, he called them names and dishonored their sacrifices.” That the puppet having far outlived his utility had tried to woo his people as some kind of a face saving for future sustenance like any stooge such as Musharraf did in Pakistan, the Americans should have known.
There can be nothing more reckless and moribund for the Prime Minister of Pakistan to have treated Foreign Affairs as his personal affair only nominally assigning the task to two eminently unsuitable no-bodies and keeping the portfolio to himself despite betraying a dismal lack of personal comprehension of Foreign Relations which have nose-dived to their worst in Pakistan’s history. It is obvious that the news of staying Kalbhoshan’s sentence by the International Court of Justice is Indian Kite-flying as the International Court of Justice which was yet to hear the Indian application and Pakistan’s stance on 15th of May. Clearly, the case of an enemy agent operating under a fake name, caught red-handed in Pakistan, and admitting espionage and killings under Indian RAW directions, does not fall within the jurisdiction of the ICJ. But had the Prime Minister effectively pre-empted India and nailed the Kalbhoshan crime at the UN, the ICJ today would not have even entertained the Indian application.
In his capacity as the Foreign Minister, a portfolio Nawaz Sharif refuses to part with, he stands to personally answer all this to the people on the floor of Parliament and not through incompetent proxies any longer.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.
Email: [email protected]

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