Much needed Int’l support for TDPs

WHILE talking to the Spanish Ambassador Carlos Cesar who called on him at Governor House in Peshawar the other day, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra rightly highlighted the significance of international assistance for the dignified return and rehabilitation of Temporarily Displaced Persons [TDPs] to their places of origin. There is no denying the fact that rehabilitation of the displaced families is a mammoth task and international community will have to be more forthcoming and generous to help these people restart their lives, who actually, by leaving their homes for the military operation against terrorists, served the cause of world peace and stability. These are the people who had to leave their homes to pave way for the start of operation Zarb-i-Azb against those terrorists in the tribal areas, which the world was describing as threat to the whole regions and communities.
Everybody recognises the fact that terrorism is not only a Pakistan specific issue but the entire world is marred with this curse. Pakistan and its people have suffered more than anybody else in this war and according to some estimates the country has already suffered losses of $100b to its economy and infrastructure while people at large, in particular people of KPK, faced great traumas and untold miseries. Therefore the international community owes it to join hands with Pakistani government and contribute a major portion for reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas affected worst by terrorism. Poverty, backwardness and deprivation are cited as major causes of extremism; therefore, we need to provide healthy environment to underdeveloped tribal areas so that they do not fall prey to ideologies of terrorists again. There is urgent need of health and education facilities in tribal areas besides providing them with livelihood opportunities through different skills so that they could eke out a living for their families. It is also incumbent upon our government to sensitise the world about the plight of tribal people and the sacrifices they have rendered for peace and security of the whole world in order to inspire any worthwhile assistance package for their complete rehabilitation.

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