Mr Modi: Listen to saner voices

SANER elements in India are now openly speaking up against their PM Narendra Modi’s “no talks’ policy with Pakistan, urging him to engage with the neighboring country for resolution of lingering disputes. Expressing its frustration on Modi’s intransigence, the Communist Party of India-Marxist pressed the government to restore 2003 ceasefire agreement and resume comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan for political settlement of Kashmir dispute.
Indeed tension and conflict is not in the interest of the peoples of both the countries rather such a situation will only hinder their efforts towards achieving economic stability and address the chronic problems faced by their peoples. By joining hands, they can spend their resources on some worthwhile projects for raising the standards of their peoples instead of spending the same on the procurement of defence products. Pakistan has always shown willingness and is ready to have cordial and peaceful relations with New Delhi and it is also time the Indian leadership also gives ears to saner voices and shun the jingoistic attitude towards Pakistan. Any misunderstandings and misperceptions can only be addressed by sitting across the table. Decision rests with the Indian leadership whether it wants to keep the regional peace at stake by going ahead with proxy war from Afghan soil and propaganda campaign against Pakistan or sits with Islamabad to address all the disputes in a peaceful and cordial manner. The road of peace is lengthy and complex given the nature of disputes between the two countries but it is the only way forward if we really are interested to give a conflict free and prosperous region to our future generations. We also expect that more sane voices will add their voice to the one raised by the communist party and pressurize their government to engage with Pakistan with sincerity of purpose. If India takes one step for good relations, it will find Pakistan taking two steps but any dialogue should be constructive and result oriented as prolonging the issues will not serve any purpose but keep the relationship frosty.

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