MQM Pakistan protests arrest of its workers

Staff Reporter

MQM Pakistan, in a press release, took serious notice Wednesday of what it called surreptitious arrests and disappearance and torture of its workers, which it alleged had increased suddenly in sequence and was against fundamental human rights guaranteed by the UN Charter and Constitution of Pakistan.
It identified three solid cases of its colleagues in Unit 94 in Malir, Khurram, Asif Mir, Kamal, and Iftikhar whose houses were raided, and they were driven to unknown places. Several similar other example were also cited by the party, which feels being victimized to give up its rights to contest elections after about 14 months.
The Party, which commands overwhelming majority in urban areas of Sindh, appealed to prime minister, the chief minister of Sindh, and all those who matter to take notice of it and order stopping of illegal methods of picking up political workers by men in plain clothes from their houses in various areas of the city.
It said that MQM was a law-abiding party and wanted to serve the people of Karachi and the entire southern province. Such treatment was arbitrary, illegal and unconstitutional in character and must now end.Those picked up till date must immediately be set free .

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