MPA’s disgraceful act

In a recent viral video on social media, it is being clearly seen that PTI MPA Imran Shah jumping out of his car to beat an ordinary on the road. Actually, the MPA was not beating an ordinary citizen but he was going against the narrative Imran Khan managed to build before the general election. Considering the gravity of this issue, the Party has already issued show cause notice against the MPA. And, Imran Shah has been directed to give his version to justify his altercation. But, what would happen with this? Will this get back the insult the MPA has caused to the public? Will it nosedive the anger people got after watching the video?
Definitely, the attitude PTI MPA adopts is what Khan used to talk about in the name of status quo politics. It would not be unjust to state that the MPA did not beat the person but the whole nation to show the real change in the country. People do not know PTI. They have voted the party just because of Imran Khan. If any MPA or MNA from PTI will disgrace or malign people, it would have far-reaching repercussions over the credibility of Imran Khan. Therefore, the party chief should immediately fire the MPA and not waste the time of the nation through so-called disciplinary actions.

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