Moving in circles

Masood Khan

Post Aug. 22 fiasco, followed by Dr. Farooq Sattar’ presser wherein he disowned Altaf Hussain’ tirade against the state and an never-ending coverage of Karachi events on 24/7 basis; I called a friend in the metropolis and asked why Establishment is not letting Dr. Sattar to steer the party out of the crisis without creating further chaos in the city?
He laughed on my ignorance and said that’s exactly Establishment has been doing. He asked me how I feel when a politician, is insulted/ pushed around under the watchful eyes of dozens of cameras, parading of blind folded political workers and leaders in court yards as common criminals, bulldozing of MQM offices, regardless on legal or illegal land — are these actions not good enough to support Dr. Sattar to use victim card to keep the vote bank intact?
He pointed towards the discrimination being talked off on Karachi streets and on social media — why no action against Syed Munawar Hasan when once declared Pak soldiers sacrificing their lives while fighting terrorists as ‘merely dead men’, or against Maulana Abdul Aziz who issued fatwa banning Namaz-e-Janaza of martyrs? How come attackers on PTV Islamabad station and on Geo offices were given a free hand (despite FIRs); why no one was punished for Model Town killings? Why a crime committed in Islamabad or in Lahore is treated differently in Karachi?
Whether I agree with his logic or not; his arguments carry weight and that’s what a common man on Karachi streets is making of the present situation. People in Karachi have seen military actions against MQM all through 90s and now what’s happening post Aug. 22. They ask only one question — why our Establishment and political elites can’t address the causes which formulated APMSO/ MQM in 80s? Why don’t we deprive MQM of slogans it has been raising to attract people of Karachi?
— Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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