Motorbike,a risky ride

Farjad Shakeel

I would like to draw the attention of the readers, the motorcyclists and their families. Motorcycle is a dangerous mode of travelling that provides less or no safety to its users. Motorcycles have many benefits like cheaper to run, easier to repair, easier to park, flexible in traffic and many more. But still it’s not worth life. According, to several media reports most of the road accidents involves motorcycles. These accidents leave some with major injuries and life time pain, while others could not survive.
The situation gets even worse when the young adventurers, the kids of irresponsible parents, resort to one-wheeling and other acrobatics, that not only puts their own lives at risk but the entire traffic on the road is affected and thus result in fatal accidents.
Everyone should take safety measures like good quality helmets, to avoid major injuries. There is vast increase on purchase of motorcycles. If this trend continues then there will only be chaos. I would request the motorcyclists to use public vehicles because your parents and families do need you.

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