Motives behind twin attacks

AS the major pockets of terrorism in the country have been wiped out by our valiant law enforcing agencies, the enemy, in collusion with some local disgruntled elements, is trying to trigger fresh wave of terrorism aimed at undermining efforts of Pakistan to move on the road to stability and progress. This became crystal clear from two dastardly terrorist attacks — one aimed at Chinese Consulate in Karachi and the other targeting a Friday market in Orakzai Agency resulting into martyrdom of 35 people besides injury to about 40 others.
There are clear indications that the two attacks have foreign nexus and this was also referred to by Prime Minister Imran Khan while condemning these acts and expressing resolve of the Government to crush the menace at all costs. As for Karachi attack, BLA, which opposes Chinese investment in Pakistan, has accepted the responsibility and its links with India is an open secret. India is on record having said repeatedly that it would make every endeavour to sabotage the momentous China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and targeting of Chinese Consulate seems to be part of the conspiracy to scare Chinese and undermine their investment in Pakistan in the form of CPEC. Law-enforcement agencies deserve credit for foiling the terror bid and killing all the three attackers, whose identity as BLA terrorists has also been established. It is a matter of satisfaction that Police and other agencies foiled designs of the enemy at the cost of their own life and succeeded in protecting Chinese nationals. It was also encouraging that Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi talked to his Chinese counterpart on telephone briefing him about the incident. Remarks of the Chinese FM and statement issued by Chinese Embassy in Islamabad sent a loud and clear message to the enemy that it will not be able to drive a wedge between the two trusted friends and partners. Both the countries have vowed to counter such heinous moves and continue their cooperation for mutual benefit. Describing it as a conspiracy against Pakistan and China economic and strategic cooperation, they reiterated that such incidents could never undermine the relationship between the two countries. It was also satisfying that the operation was spearheaded by the Police force, which, otherwise has no good reputation but the succession action against terrorists and protection of the diplomatic staff has proved that the Force was capable enough to perform its responsibilities as per expectations of the people. Karachi Police and Rangers have shown exceptional courage and the nation salutes the martyrs and their colleagues for acting so valiantly. Hats off to ASP Suhai Talpur who commanded the police team that conducted the successful operation against BLA terrorists. She becomes a symbol of courage and gallantry and her conduct would surely infuse a new spirit in the police force. The brave lady officer was the first police official to rush to the Chinese Consulate and engaged attackers in a way that prevented them from entering the Consulate. The incident also shows that police can deliver provided there is no political interference in its working, it is allowed to perform its professional responsibilities and is equipped as per requirements of the prevailing circumstances. Director-General ISPR has rightly pointed out that from pre-empting the terrorism attempts to foiling these at first checking point is the testimony of the professionalism and capability of our police force. This is important as armed forces are not expected to remain in the field for all times to come and the police force will have to take up the responsibility to tackle the menace of terrorism on a long-term basis as this is the only way to ensure sustainable peace and stability. Successful protection of Chinese diplomats would surely instil confidence among Chinese nationals as this is reflective of the capability of Pakistan to defend its guests. Pakistan has already established a special security division for security of CPEC-related projects and the staff working on them and the four provincial governments have also expressed their commitment to devote necessary resources to beef up security for similar projects falling in their areas of jurisdiction. Our armed forces have also taken effective measures to crush terrorists from tribal areas but some incidents still take place because of foreign intervention and collusion. Pakistan has seen numerous attacks sponsored from across the western border and evidence was provided to the Afghan Government as well as the US but so far no worthwhile measure has been taken to prevent such attacks. It is because of the nature of the problem that Pakistan is now focusing on border security but here again the Afghan Government is creating obstacles. Tribal people are valiant and the menace of terrorism can be eliminated once for all if they exercise necessary vigilance and strengthen hands of the law enforcing agencies.

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