Mother’s love

Maryam Hina

“O me, you juggler, you canker – blossom, you thief of love!! The first relation ever strikes my mind is mother. This word seems to be the combo of six letters but has wound up billions of grace and elegance in it. Whenever I try to explain this word, I feel my words are deficient and wanting, my emotions are caged and I always fail to do so. I was in a small dark closet even unable to breathe independently. She brings me out of this by enduring affliction and dolour which is beyond one’s approach. No appliance or implement has been figmented yet which could scale this pain. In spite of its poignancy, it was the easiest step of motherhood.
As I grew up, she had to comfort more and more odds and challenges. Raising me up with the best physical and mental health was the utmost goal of her life. In her achievement, she had to sacrifice. She overlooked her likes and dislikes and went of her comfort zone. A mother is a person who seeing there are only four piece of pies for five people, she promptly announced she never did care for pie. we may lose everything in this world, but a mother’s love will alone stick by you; you may go down and down to the lowest depths of sorrows, but your mother love is always with you like a golden cloud and give you strength and warmth.
Describing a mother’s love is virtually impossible. Mother is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, one where you learn on the go. Nothing can stop a mother from showing her heart out for her children, not the colour, not the religion and not even the gender. I would like to salute all the mothers for their unconditional love and significant sacrifices for their children!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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