Mother’s Day

Zainab Imran

Keeping aside a day for mothers, out of the 365 days of the year, is a good idea. But, it is only a good idea. Many of us who have not seen or met mothers for a year or so will probably go and meet them, present them a few cards/presents, chat for a while and then disappear for the whole year long. And doing this, we will think too high of ourselves. It even might be so. We might be fulfilling the purpose of this day. That is fine too, because it suits the idea of the day. But then again, what about the remaining 364 days? Who of us will celebrate it in the other days of the year? Are they just ordinary because they are not called ‘Mother’s Day’ and celebrated? We behave as if only this day binds us to become so dedicated towards our mothers. It should not be the name of this day and the other nameless days that we respond per, rather, the infinite care that we receive should be celebrated all year long. When we appreciate them each single day, only then we would look good presenting them gifts and cards on this day.

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